November 2017

Trump retweets bigoted, anti-muslim videos

Trump’s mania will only get worse from this point on. He is a dangerously desperate man that is trying to preserve his lifeline – his base. He is no longer concerned about the welfare of American citizens or the US standing in the world, he only cares about preserving the one group that can mitigate […]

Trump’s newest con is potential war with North Korea

Trump is using the crisis in North Korea to deflect from the Russia scandal. The Trump administration, war hawks like Lindsey Graham and the thirsty Mainstream News Media, are intentionally spinning the “crisis” in North Korea to push for a fake war. We are being told that North Korea has the capability of launching an […]

Trump’s White House Counsel will be Questioned by Mueller

Mueller Will Question White House Counsel About Trump Special Counsel Robert Mueller will soon question White House counsel Don McGahn as he investigates whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice when he fired former FBI Director James Comey, CNN reported.

Trump Supporters Know Trump is a Disaster

Donald Trump is the worst President in Modern History and the worst President in the history of the world.  He is incompetent, dishonest, erratic, abusive, bigoted, flippant, and an utter embarrassment.  Many of his supporters are so fed up with him that they are constantly expressing their outrage. Below are some recent Trump Regrets. People […]

Joe Barton Proves That Some Oldies Aren’t Goodies

Joe Barton Proves That Some Oldies Aren’t Goodies Let me start off by saying this, Joe Barton may be the victim of Revenge Porn. In Texas, a statute called Unlawful Disclosure or Promotion of Intimate Visual Material states, in pertinent part, the following: A person commits an offense if the person: • Distributes or transfers photos of […]

Trump supporters are fleeing daily

Trump is running out of luck. He continues to test the boundaries of his support and crosses the line quite often. This week we gathered as many Trump supporter regrets, frustrations, and anger with the imposter in the White House. This is not an exhaustive list as there are many more regrets that we simply cannot […]

Al Franken was Set Up – He’s not Trump or Roy Moore

I originally believed the accuser of Al Franken. In an effort to refrain from partisanship hypocrisy, I joined the bandwagon condemning Al Franken. Then, additional evidence has come out which shows that the alleged victim has lost credibility. Sexual harrassment, assault, rape, are serious charges and deserve to be taken seriously. They should not be […]

Even Trump’s “Base” Think He’s Pathetic

Even Trump’s “Base” Think He’s Pathetic Donald Trump is hemorrhaging support so expeditiously that it is becoming difficult to keep up.  The Hill released an article last week that discussed the shrinking of Trump’s base. Voters who think he’s made a mess of this country. But I voted for you and you’ve made the country a […]

TALK: Sean Hannity Messed Up

Sean Hannity is in trouble for his interview with Roy Moore. He has lost sponsors as a result. Here Sylvia dissects the Sean Hannity’s interview and why it is so problematic. Sean Hannity attempted to minimize the severity of the allegations against Roy Moore by trying to coach him on how to answer.  Unfortunately, Sean […]