December 2, 2017

Talk: Trump just handed Mueller a big Christmas gift

Donald Trump simply cannot help himself. He decided to tweet today that he fired Michael Flynn because he lied to Mike Pence and the FBI. However, as the evidence shows, Trump had previously claimed that he had fired Flynn because he lied to Mike Pence. He said nothing about lying to the FBI previously. However, […]

Will Mike Pence and Donald Trump both go down?

It has been widely rumored that #Mike Pence may have criminal exposure. If that was true, then we may have a constitutional crisis we have never seen, on our hands. Read more below. What Happens If Donald Trump And Mike Pence Go Down If #Donald Trump and Mike Pence are ousted, get ready for President Paul […]

Mueller is closing in on trump

It is evident, at this point, that Mueller is looking to take Trump down.  It is looking further likely that he will.  Read more below. With Flynn plea, Mueller getting closer to Trump and Kushner WASHINGTON — Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s guilty plea Friday signals that he already has provided federal prosecutors with incriminating […]

Senate Republicans pass Tax Scam Bill

The Senate just passed a Tax Bill that they are not even sure what it says. The bill is 500 pages long and was passed in an expeditious fashion without allowing the public to review it or a full debate on the bill. As egregious as this conduct is, the fight has not ended with […]