March 2018

McCabe calls Trump unhinged

I said in one of my shows that the best thing that happened to McCabe was getting fired. He has been unleashed ever since. He recently said Trump’s attacks are unhinged. READ MORE BELOW: Trump’s Attacks ‘Unhinged,’ Says McCabe Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has described President Donald Trump’s attacks on him as “unhinged” […]

Trump signed a bill he never read!

The Omnibus bill was over 2000 pages and no one that signed it read the bill. Trump decided to sign it to his political peril, which I appreciate; however, it was poor governance. READ MORE BELOW: The Senate passed a $1.3 trillion, 2,232-page Omnibus while you slept. Did anyone bother to read it besides Rand […]

REGRETS: Trump’s base are seriously angry!

Trump really went to far this time. The regrets are endless. No further words are necessary. These are people who are fed up with Trump’s lies and/or broken promises. Annnd you just lost my vote. You Sir have been more of a threat to our 2nd Amendment then Obama was! Ashamed I voted for you. […]

TALK: Impeachment? Trump’s base thinks so

Trump made an astronomical mistake because he still presumed he could “shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose any voters”. Well, he didn’t even have to commit murder to lose voters. They are fleeing. LISTEN BELOW:

Comey finally blasts Trump

There is a reason that Comey felt comfortable attacking Trump after Trump attacked him and McCabe. Comey has never fully chastised the imposter in the White House, until now. This happened days ago, but it is imperative to remember that it happened. Comey Sends Apparent Warning to Trump Former FBI Director James Comey appeared to […]

John Dowd Resigns as Trump’s Lead Counsel

John Dowd was Trump’s lead counsel in the Russia investigation. He abruptly resigned today. There is much speculation as to why he resigned; however, one thing is clear, the Russia investigation is getting to Trump. The resignation of Dowd comes after multiple erratic tweets from Trump attacking Mueller. Dowd likely ran after recognizing that his […]

Facebook suspends Trump campaign division

This is actually a very interesting article. The fact that Facebook has suspended part of Trump’s campaign says a lot about how bad and corrupt campaign is. READ MORE BELOW: Facebook suspends Trump campaign data firm Cambridge Analytica Facebook says it has suspended the account of Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis firm hired by Donald […]

Flynn admits suffering for endorsing Trump

Michael Flynn has emerged. He happened to praise Trump but then he acknowledged he has suffered for supporting the massive fraud in the White House. READ MORE BELOW: Michael Flynn Returns to Public Life and Praises Trump President Trump’s disgraced former National Security Adviser has returned to political life after pleading guilty to lying to […]

Trump’s base gets smaller and smaller all the time.

The media and these alleged polls would like you to believe that Trump still retains this enormous base. They will show you fluctuating poll numbers that cannot and will never be great indicators in the age of a mad man like Trump. The truth is, his base is fleeing and he’s not getting new supporters […]