Articles by Sylvia

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Was In Prague – He Lied!

I don’t think much is needed to be said. There is a pattern that has emerged. Everyone affiliated with Trump has difficulty with the truth. They seem to have this aversion to the truth or no regard for it at all. However, Cohen made a drastic mistake here. He was recently raided by the FBI […]

Trump Strikes Syria To Distract From His Scandals

Does anyone know what the word sovereign means? It seems that people are unfortunately unaware of what that means unless it applies to the United States alone. Trump promised that he would end that mentality in America and govern as a non-interventionist who would not police the world. His base fell for it as did […]

REGRETS: Trump’s base gets smaller daily!

There are simply too many angry Trump supporters this week to actually post. However, his constant betrayals are taking a toll on his fragmented base. These are the supporters who are Angry with Trump but some can’t be classified as completely off the train yet. I voted for you but you are truly an asshat. […]

Trump has inspired quacks to become unhinged

The “cuckoo over Cocoa Puffs” crowd has been exposed since Trump came into office. Those who could pretend to be stable no longer feel the need to hide their instability any further. When you have an alleged President of the United States exhibiting completely absurd and deranged behavior, on a daily basis, then it’s no […]

Trump’s con is running out of steam

What most con men know is that you are better off operating under the radar. Furthermore, every con is unsustainable. Eventually a person runs out of options once they are required to deliver. Or, some unforeseen event happens that illuminates the con. Trump decided to take his con to the world. Which is proving catastrophic […]

REGRETS: Trump’s base are beyond angry

These are the supporters that refuse to vote for Trump or will no longer support Trump. @realDonaldTrump , I voted for you, because I couldn't bring myself to vote for Hillary, but you're an embarassment to the country. . .please resign! — Jeffrey Vires (@jeffreyvires) April 7, 2018 @realDonaldTrump hey u dumb fuck your killing […]

TALK: The storm is coming for Trump

Trump’s base is slowly evaporating; Mueller named him as a subject of his investigation, and he just sank himself in the Stormy Daniels case. Things just aren’t getting any better for him.

Putin is Retaliating Against Trump

The beef between the US and Russia is heating up and the only person who has a lot to lose is Trump. Trump spent the majority of his time in the White House ferociously defending Putin and Russia. He was forced to sanction Russia by expelling Russian diplomats which resulted in Russian retaliation. The truth […]

Trump acts like a madman against Amazon

Trump has turned his ire to Amazon. As a way to further impede free market enterprises because he has a personal vendetta, he decided to tank Amazon stocks and profits. Trump using his position to bully companies is unacceptable. He should be chastised for it. READ MORE: Trump: Amazon Uses Post Office Scam President Donald […]