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Trump has utterly failed as president

From Blasting News: If someone were to ask me to write down Donald Trump’s accomplishments, I’d have to hand them a blank sheet of paper. The reality is that Trump has been completely unsuccessful as president. Majority of the promises he made during his campaign for president have either been broken or unfulfilled. He’s constantly […]

Talk: Trump’s Presidency just gets worse and worse

Donald Trump has had a horrific week. His presidency is going down the tubes. From his response to Puerto Rico, getting called a Moron, birth control, fighting with late-night hosts, 24% of the country thinks we are going in the right direction, and his fighting with North Korea, make his week horrific. Watch it on […]

Trump is fuming over being called a moron

From Blasting news: On Wednesday, NBC broke a story claiming that Rex Tillerson, the US #Secretary of State, called #Donald Trump a “#moron” and had previously threatened to resign. After the news broke, Rex Tillerson gave a press conference denying the report but did not explicitly deny calling Trump a “moron”. After Tillerson’s Press conference, […]