Man in Wheelchair killed while protesting Trump

Trump’s decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem has resulted in serious casualties and even deaths. Read More below. Wheelchair-Bound Man Killed While Protesting Trump Israeli troops killed four Palestinians on Friday, including a well-known protester in a wheelchair. Palestinians have been protesting President Donald Trump’s recent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, […]

Trump might be dumb enough to fire Mueller

There are rumors that Trump might be prepared to remove Mueller as Special Counsel. The problem is that Trump cannot remove Mueller without Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Trump would either have to persuade Rosenstein to fire Mueller or fire Rosenstein. If he does that he will likely try to get Rosenstein replacement to fire […]

Trump causing chaos in the Middle East

As someone who has many friends that are Jewish, I find myself very unhappy with the decision by the Trump administration to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Trump claimed that he would work hard to bring peace between Israel and Palestine; however, within less than a year he has essentially given up on that possibility […]

Trump sycophants won’t succeed at firing Mueller

The GOP has shamelessly attempted to undermine the Mueller investigation into Trump. Their purpose is to get Mueller fired or taint the investigation to create doubt in the minds of potential Jurors and the general public. However, the attempts have become so obnoxious that any sane person can see that this is deliberate obstruction of […]

Republicans have disdain for the poor

Read below about the #Republicans #war on the poor. Stop voting for Republicans. 3 myths about the poor that Republicans are using to support slashing US safety net By Michele Gilman, Venable Professor of Law, University of Baltimore. Sen. Chuck Grassley recently seemed to suggest some poor people spend all their money on “booze or […]

Iowa Voters are getting tired of Trump

Trump is an unpopular President, but he is beginning to lose those voters he relied on the most, those that helped him win the last election. It is being reported that Trump is losing #Iowa voters. Read more below. Trump Approval Crumbles In Iowa — Why That Matters The state that sets the agenda for […]

Paul Ryan has always been a coward

It is alleged that #Paul Ryan will resign at the end of the 2018 election. After he destroys the country he will walk away from the mess he helped create. It is not clear whether he will resign as Paul Ryan has been ambiguous about it, but I sure hope he does. He has shown […]

Women are ready to March again against Trump

Women have had enough of Trump since the day he was inaugurated. Well, now women are about to make our voices heard loud and clear. Trump should be worried. Read More below. Women’s March 2018 to Take Place in Las Vegas After successfully organizing one of the largest demonstrations in U.S. history—leading more people than […]

Trump fires Omarosa making White House less diverse

As you will not hear one tear be shed by me over the fate of #Omarosa, I do find it curious that #Trump has made an already minority-anemic administration less diverse.  Omarosa decided to support the most bigoted President in modern history; however, her presence created the belief that Trump could not be racist because at […]

Talk: Injustice: Democrats Railroaded Senator Al Franken

This is a defense of Senator #Al Franken. Senator Al Franken has become the latest casualty of opportunists weaponizing the #Metoo movement for political gain. Senator Franken was denied due process and forced to resign by the Senate without the input of the voters who elected him. He was politically railroaded, publicly, by his own […]