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TALK: Sean Hannity Messed Up

Sean Hannity is in trouble for his interview with Roy Moore. He has lost sponsors as a result. Here Sylvia dissects the Sean Hannity’s interview and why it is so problematic. Sean Hannity attempted to minimize the severity of the allegations against Roy Moore by trying to coach him on how to answer.  Unfortunately, Sean […]

Talk: Trump is scared – things are bad for him

Donald Trump cannot get a break – poor thing (LOL). Speculation is arising that Michael Flynn has flipped and likely is indicted. Trump is now leaking that he will not seek re-election, Republicans are planning to primary him if he does. Donna Brazile goes nuclear and it backfires. WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE: LISTEN TO IT […]

TALK: Trump and the GOP are Imploding

It is absolutely no secret that the Trump campaign took a major hit on Friday.  Robert Mueller is allegedly with sealed indictments against either someone or some people.  This has caused Trump to lash out on Twitter and show signs of someone that is very afraid of the consequences that seem to be inevitable.  In addition, […]

TALK: Top Ten Trump Supporter Regrets This Week

Trump is hemorrhaging supporters, which is a constant theme throughout many of our shows.  We felt it was imperative to visually show some of those regrets. In these episodes, Part One and Part Two, we discuss Trump supporters regrets and angry Trump supporter tweets. Below are both episodes. PART ONE:   PART TWO: Listen to our […]

Talk: The Turning Point – Republicans are Rebelling Against Trump

Republicans are becoming more vocal in their opposition to Trump. Paul Ryan gave the Keynote speech at the Al Smith dinner where he eviscerated Donald Trump in front of a Liberal audience. Several Republicans are claiming that they will resign in protest to Trump’s ineffectiveness. Also, Trump botched his response to four soldiers being killed […]

TALK: Trump doesn’t want or deserve to be President

Donald Trump is the most erratic public official this country has ever seen. He’s also consistently failing at every single thing he tries to do. Also, Black professor who appeared on Fox News was verbally abused by a racist person on an eight-minute racist rant. Stop giving these buffoons power. WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE: LISTEN […]

TALK: Trump is trampling on the constitution

Donald Trump has threatened to go after the free press because he does not like their coverage of him. He fails to grasp the importance of the Constitution. He is becoming more unstable as time progresses, but he’s also becoming more authoritarian. Stand up for the first amendment. LISTEN ON YOUTUBE: LISTEN ON SPREAKER: Listen […]

TALK: Trump’s dictatorship is affecting us all

On Monday, ESPN suspended Jemele Hill, allegedly for the tweets she made about Jerry Jones prohibiting players from kneeling in protest. This was clearly a complete capitulation to Trump who has demanded that players do not protest the national anthem. This should be an outrage to all of us. Trump’s dictatorship is almost complete. This […]

Talk: Trump’s Presidency just gets worse and worse

Donald Trump has had a horrific week. His presidency is going down the tubes. From his response to Puerto Rico, getting called a Moron, birth control, fighting with late-night hosts, 24% of the country thinks we are going in the right direction, and his fighting with North Korea, make his week horrific. Watch it on […]