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TALK: Trump is trampling on the constitution

Donald Trump has threatened to go after the free press because he does not like their coverage of him. He fails to grasp the importance of the Constitution. He is becoming more unstable as time progresses, but he’s also becoming more authoritarian. Stand up for the first amendment. LISTEN ON YOUTUBE: LISTEN ON SPREAKER: Listen […]

TALK: Trump’s dictatorship is affecting us all

On Monday, ESPN suspended Jemele Hill, allegedly for the tweets she made about Jerry Jones prohibiting players from kneeling in protest. This was clearly a complete capitulation to Trump who has demanded that players do not protest the national anthem. This should be an outrage to all of us. Trump’s dictatorship is almost complete. This […]

Talk: Trump’s Presidency just gets worse and worse

Donald Trump has had a horrific week. His presidency is going down the tubes. From his response to Puerto Rico, getting called a Moron, birth control, fighting with late-night hosts, 24% of the country thinks we are going in the right direction, and his fighting with North Korea, make his week horrific. Watch it on […]