Comey finally blasts Trump

Comey isn't afraid of Trump anymore.

There is a reason that Comey felt comfortable attacking Trump after Trump attacked him and McCabe. Comey has never fully chastised the imposter in the White House, until now. This happened days ago, but it is imperative to remember that it happened.

Comey Sends Apparent Warning to Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared to send a warning to Donald Trump on Saturday, suggesting that he would tell his own story about the President’s battles with that law enforcement agency “very soon.”

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  1. The initial plan “A was to help Hillary get elected but if she did not, Mueller, is now doing plan “B of the insurance policy that Strock and Page talked about in Andy”s office, that is, they started with the fake dossier, then with others, were illegality unmasking and gathering information via NSA about persons who worked with Trump”s campaign, so that they could initiate a false Russia Collusion narrative trying to get Trump impeached, that would protect their own a**es from getting caught because they all are guilty exonerating Hillary and trying to hide from the Uranium One scandal. -That”s it! – Here”s the chronology: Trump fires Comey, he then meets with Mueller, then he (Comey)leaks information via his buddy to the media, Sessions is threatened and accused of lying, he”s scared, so he rescued himself, that brings in Rosentine who they wanted. He then takes over, hires Mueller as a special counsel, even tough there isn”t any crime committed, to start the phony Russian Collusion narrative witch hunt, but while doing so, the Uranium One deal surfaces, now Mueller doesn”t know what to do because he”s involved in it, so in order to protect his a**, he”s now digging for anything that he may find to help himself to get out of this mess that he”s gotten into. Mueller, if you are reading these comments please give me your “Amen to what I said above because you know it”s the truth.

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