Father shares touching song for infant son

Heartfelt song from Father to his infant son.

A father, Mekka Don, who recognized he wasn’t immortal, wrote a song to his infant son in case he died. He wanted to ensure his son knew that he loved him and how he wanted him to conduct himself in life. The video is so powerful and the baby is adorable. The lyrics are at the bottom of the page.

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Below are the lyrics:

“To Elijah” by Mekka Don

Fight for your happiness
Demand respect

Mekka Don. To Elijah

I stack paper then I count blessings. A mini me in this World? Listen I found heaven. Heaven.
I’ll teach you every thing I know. Like never settle and never be scared to tell em NO.
Be a man of your word and never lie to get it.
You’s a lame if your only game is to lie to women.
Be careful if someone says that they won’t lie to you.
Never ride for somebody who wouldn’t ride for you.
Don’t ever think you need a boss.
Be a winner but even winners can use a loss.
Mind ya biz mind ya biz mind ya bizness.
Never start up on something if you don’t plan to finish.
These words worth a billion
Don’t measure worth by ya money but still go make ya millions
You put your thing in a woman that could result in children.
So choose wisely – always ‘member you’re brilliant…I love you Jah

Every day. Every day for the rest of your life. That’s right…

Be courageous
Always smell good
Neva give up
Praise God

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