Trump is fuming over being called a moron

From Blasting news:

On Wednesday, NBC broke a story claiming that Rex Tillerson, the US #Secretary of State, called #Donald Trump a “#moron” and had previously threatened to resign. After the news broke, Rex Tillerson gave a press conference denying the report but did not explicitly deny calling Trump a “moron”. After Tillerson’s Press conference, Trump began tweeting his ire with [VIDEO]NBC for reporting a story he called “fake news”. Now, NBC is reporting that Trump was actually furious about Tillerson calling him a moron.

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  1. Hey.I noticed you updated your website and the old articles are gone. Will they be put back up?

    • Yes, my website had issues and I had to restore it. I am trying to reload everything, but I doubt I will be able to. Thanks for reading though. I intend to keep posting more articles and the show here.

      Thanks again.

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