Issa (R) is out and nobody cares

Darrell Issa is running away from the wreckage he supported.

Darrell Issa, a Republican congressman from California, announced today that he will not be seeking reelection. The truth is, Issa knows that he was too toxic to attempt to run for reelection. He most likely would not have won and the mere weight of damage he has caused was something he wants to rid himself of. He served his purpose for the corrupt GOP and their donors. Issa is now the second Republican from California to announce retirement. One thing these people that continue to flee from the Trump curse fail to realize is that they cannot and never will escape being classified as capitulators to the worst President in modern American history. However, I wish him good riddance. Read more below.

Republican Congressman Issa Won’t Seek Reelection

U.S. Republican congressman Darrell Issa announced Wednesday he will not run for another term in office this year, providing Democrats another opportunity to capture a seat in this year’s midterm elections. In a post on Twitter, Issa expressed gratitude for the opportunity to represent the residents of California’s 49th congressional district. “Serving has been the…

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