Joe Barton Proves That Some Oldies Aren’t Goodies

Joe Barton was busted as a not so "family values" oriented guy.

Joe Barton Proves That Some Oldies Aren’t Goodies

Let me start off by saying this, Joe Barton may be the victim of Revenge Porn. In Texas, a statute called Unlawful Disclosure or Promotion of Intimate Visual Material states, in pertinent part, the following:

A person commits an offense if the person:

Distributes or transfers photos of a person in which the subject is nude or engaged in sexual activity

• Distributes such photos without the subject’s consent

• Distributes such images when the subject took them with a reasonable expectation of privacy

• Distributes such photos along with identifying personal information of the subject

Nevertheless, a story broke today stating that Joe Barton sent naked pictures to a person who claims he was harassing them. In addition, there was a video on Infowars that allegedly shows him masturbating too; it was later deleted. As anticipated, I have felt nauseous all day after the unimaginable trauma I endured as a result of seeing his naked picture and the video. Joe Barton has apologized for these images but the displeasure that many faced watching a 68-year-old, sitting Congressman, masturbating on a video and naked was too much to withstand. 

While I admire Joe Barton’s confidence in himself physically, I do think it would be advisable to scale back some of that confidence publicly. There are certain things the eyes cannot unsee and the mind cannot forget. I will forever be haunted by this imagery as it can really scar a person. Further, the horror he must feel recognizing how stupid he was to post his less endowed self, naked, on the internet or a website.  

It’s also perplexing how a person with the utmost adherence to family values and the highest level of conservatism, simply found it appropriate to exhibit blatant hypocrisy. He’s a raging homophobic because he believes homosexuality is perversion while consistently sharing his itsy bitsy spider for the world to see. The hypocrisy is astonishing. 

However, the whole story is repulsively comical, but it also could have serious consequences for the person who released these pictures and video. Before I would comment on what should be his likely unfortunate outcome, I need to know if it was harassment or revenge porn. If it’s the former, he’s likely toast. If it’s the latter, someone is in big trouble. Irrespective, John Barton will forever be shamed by the world because it’s known that he likes doing very kinky things, with a very little thing.



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