Libel King Trump is looking into libel laws

Trump is looking into strengthening libel laws.

I laughed so hard when I saw an article saying Trump looking into strengthening libel laws. Trump is intentionally trying to infringe upon our freedom of the press and speech. He operates like a dictator that is frustrated that he can’t just subjugate all the people in the U.S. However, Trump is one of the most blatantly libelous people on the planet. If he were to dare strengthen the libel laws, he would be in endless litigation because he simply can’t help tweeting fallacious and defamatory things. He should be very careful what he wishes for. Read More below.

Trump Says Administration Will Examine Strengthening US Libel Laws

United States President Donald Trump said Wednesday his administration will take “a strong look” into strengthening the country’s libel laws after the release of a book that questions his ability to serve as president. At the beginning of a White House meeting with Cabinet members at which reporters were present, Trump said U.S. libel laws are…

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