Trump’s Shithole comments have pissed everyone off

Trump had the audacity to say that Africa, Haiti and another Country (Hispanic) were shitholes. This singular comment has led to condemnation from all over the world. Not that someone as inept as Trump can comprehend when he has messed up royally, however, he has and this time even African nations are publicly condemning him. […]

Libel King Trump is looking into libel laws

I laughed so hard when I saw an article saying Trump looking into strengthening libel laws. Trump is intentionally trying to infringe upon our freedom of the press and speech. He operates like a dictator that is frustrated that he can’t just subjugate all the people in the U.S. However, Trump is one of the […]

Trump is running from Mueller

There was speculation that Trump would likely be interviewed by Mueller. I found that, as an attorney, completely implausible. I could not imagine how his attorneys could be so reckless and allow the most unhinged and dishonest person alive to be interviewed by one of the best lawyers out there. Now, it is being reported […]

Trump isn’t even hiding his corruption

In the below article, it is being alleged that “The Trump administration has waived part of the punishment for five megabanks whose affiliates were convicted and fined for manipulating global interest rates. One of the Trump administration waivers was granted to Deutsche Bank.” The truth is, Trump does not care about the consequences of his […]

Issa (R) is out and nobody cares

Darrell Issa, a Republican congressman from California, announced today that he will not be seeking reelection. The truth is, Issa knows that he was too toxic to attempt to run for reelection. He most likely would not have won and the mere weight of damage he has caused was something he wants to rid himself […]

Don Jr. may face criminal consequences after Bannon

I have to post this and talk about it again because Steve Bannon accused #Donald Trump Jr. of treason. However, there is now speculation that Bannon’s statements in the Fire and Fury book made Don Jr. much more likely to face criminal consequences. We should keep this story alive. Read More below. Odds Trump Jr. […]

We all knew Trump team committed crimes

This story likely won’t gain as much traction as it should; however, Democrat, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), says that he has seen evidence of a crime in relation to the #Trump team and the Russian Collusion investigation. The mainstream media won’t cover it as they should because Trump’s tweets are much juicier; however, this is […]

Ivanka Trump will never be President

I often find myself laughing at the naivety of people in the Trump family. A report came out that Ivanka Trump is positioning herself to be the first female President. LOL. Imagine being that delusional. Ivanka sees her father’s presidency as a solidification of some mythical Trump empire in which they are not the most […]

Bannon says Don Jr. conduct was Treasonous

I think many of us have focused on the feud between Trump and Bannon rather than the actual revelations made by Bannon. Bannon accuses Donald Trump Jr. of engaging in criminal conduct. He accuses him of conduct that could land Jr. (Fredo, Jr.) in prison. Read more below. Trump Tower meeting with Russians ‘treasonous’: Bannon […]