Trump’s base gets smaller and smaller all the time.

The media and these alleged polls would like you to believe that Trump still retains this enormous base. They will show you fluctuating poll numbers that cannot and will never be great indicators in the age of a mad man like Trump. The truth is, his base is fleeing and he’s not getting new supporters […]

Trump is still a coward on Russia

It is becoming evident at this point that the imposter in the White House is afraid of Putin. I am confident that Putin has more damaging evidence on Trump that makes him fearful of him revealing it. We have a President that is owned and operated by a foreign adversarial government. Read More: We have […]

Father shares touching song for infant son

A father, Mekka Don, who recognized he wasn’t immortal, wrote a song to his infant son in case he died. He wanted to ensure his son knew that he loved him and how he wanted him to conduct himself in life. The video is so powerful and the baby is adorable. The lyrics are at […]

Trump Regrets: Soon no one will support Trump

To be a Trump supporter, you have to be willing to endure a lot of Trump’s nonsense. However, many of them are fed up with his antics and theatrics. Many have abandoned him entirely and others are simply frustrated. Read the regrets and frustration from former and current Trump supporters. Here are the former supporters […]

Trump is even tired of Javanka

The Trump crime family is in so much trouble that even the imposter in the White House wants his daughter and son-in-law to exit the premises. Trump is too cowardly to do it himself so he has essentially contracted the liar, John Kelly, to do what he doesn’t have the backbone to do. Reminder…He’s allegedly […]

TALK: The Trump crime family is in trouble

The Trump crime family are in trouble. Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Don Jr. are the latest to face the ire of Robert Mueller. It is just a matter of time before the Trump crime family and his administration, completely collapses. LISTEN BELOW: WATCH THIS IMPACTFUL VIDEO FROM A FATHER TO HIS SON:

People are throwing Trump impeachment Parties

I found this to be hilarious. Read More below: Trump Impeachment Parties Try to Entice Congress President Donald Trump’s potentially impeachable actions may be heavy topics weighing on members of Congress, but Lisa Levinski—one of 6,500 people across the country who agreed to host a “ Party to Impeach” on Saturday—is making them lighter and […]

Even some Conservative women are tired of Trump

Trump was blasted, on stage, at the CPAC conference and the reason he was blasted was completely warranted. Read More Below: Trump’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct Called Out at CPAC It was near the end of the Conservative Political Action Conference, at the end of four adulatory days on the Maryland shore, that President Trump received […]

TRUMP REGRETS: Trump supporters are running away from him

Trump’s approval rating has fallen again. People are tired of his Presidency making him the most vulnerable President at this time in their Presidency. He is historically unpopular and losing support from his base. These voters no longer support Trump @realDonaldTrump quit already! I'd rather have a rock for my president than you…. and I […]