Please stay home Ivanka Trump

Why is Ivanka Trump still in the White House? What are her qualifications? Why are we required to suffer through her nepotistic privilege? Read More Below: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Ivanka Security Clearance Status Arises in South Korea First daughter Ivanka Trump briefed South Korea’s president on new North Korea sanctions her father imposed […]

WAKE UP: Russia infiltrated us!

Many Americans were duped by Russian operatives who engaged in a detailed campaign to undermine the 2016 election. This is serious and should be a story that is kept alive and remains in our consciousness. We were infiltrated by a hostile foreign power and they will continue to undermine our institutions if we continue to […]

The cowardly GOP and Trump must implement Gun Reform

Read Below: Nothing in the 2nd Amendment prevents sensible gun rules | Opinion By Cass R. Sunstein The use of the Second Amendment, to block consideration of sensible gun control measures, is a national disgrace. And conservatives themselves have explained why this is true. For decades, conservatives have objected to the use of constitutional provisions […]

Trump shows he’s heartless after Parkland

Trump is unfit to be commander in chief. He lacks the compassion and decency to lead the US during difficult times. That was illuminated by his detached from reality visit to the victims in Parkland. Read More below: Trump Slammed for ‘Thumbs Up’ Florida Medics Pics President Donald Trump has been criticized for a “tone […]

Parkland Massacre cannot be ignored

After the massacre in Parkland, the world has had enough of the carnage. People are beginning to realize that they can no longer allow Congresses inaction. Read Below: Woman Mails ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Check to Congressman Amid endless calls for “thoughts and prayers” instead of legislative action in response to mass shootings, a woman in […]


Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals for their interference in the 2016 election and US systems. This singular maneuver was the biggest blow to the Trump administration thus far. Listen Below:

GOP chairman resigns after sex harassment scandal breaks

The party of family values does not know what family values mean. The RNC chairman just resigned amid a scandal that he sexually harassed and assaulted numerous women. If you are not convinced yet that you should join the Republican party among people like Trump and Steve Wynn, you should be convinced now. Read Below: […]