Media Lies – Trump supporters are fleeing!

The media would like us all to believe that Trump still has this base that is vast.  That simply is not true.  He has been hemorrhaging his base since he got elected and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. We do our best to determine that these are actually Trump voters, but […]

Trump is hiding something by offering to pay his staff’s legal fees

A report by Axios states  that Trump will pay the legal fees of his staff who are involved in the Russia investigation. The Russia investigation, by Robert Mueller, special counsel, centers around whether anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election. Donald has yet to condemn Russia for their […]

Talk: The Turning Point – Republicans are Rebelling Against Trump

Republicans are becoming more vocal in their opposition to Trump. Paul Ryan gave the Keynote speech at the Al Smith dinner where he eviscerated Donald Trump in front of a Liberal audience. Several Republicans are claiming that they will resign in protest to Trump’s ineffectiveness. Also, Trump botched his response to four soldiers being killed […]

The mainstream media are complicit in the rise of Trump

From Blasting News: Donald Trump has been successful at one thing, controlling the #mainstream media. While the majority of the coverage of Trump is negative, the coverage is consistent and never-ending. Donald craves constant attention and the media are more than willing to provide him with it. If they are not covering him, they are […]

Trump continues to hemorrhaging support rapidly

Trump supporters are running from him fast. Trump continues to test the boundaries of his power and support. While he does have supporters left, those that just enjoy his erraticism, several are beginning to bail on him. Some are upset about the Executive Order on Obamacare. Others just cannot stomach his impulsivity and ineffectiveness. Some […]

TALK: Trump doesn’t want or deserve to be President

Donald Trump is the most erratic public official this country has ever seen. He’s also consistently failing at every single thing he tries to do. Also, Black professor who appeared on Fox News was verbally abused by a racist person on an eight-minute racist rant. Stop giving these buffoons power. WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE: LISTEN […]

TALK: Trump is trampling on the constitution

Donald Trump has threatened to go after the free press because he does not like their coverage of him. He fails to grasp the importance of the Constitution. He is becoming more unstable as time progresses, but he’s also becoming more authoritarian. Stand up for the first amendment. LISTEN ON YOUTUBE: LISTEN ON SPREAKER: Listen […]

TALK: Trump’s dictatorship is affecting us all

On Monday, ESPN suspended Jemele Hill, allegedly for the tweets she made about Jerry Jones prohibiting players from kneeling in protest. This was clearly a complete capitulation to Trump who has demanded that players do not protest the national anthem. This should be an outrage to all of us. Trump’s dictatorship is almost complete. This […]

Trump supporters regrets never end

Donald Trump is having a difficult time maintaining his base. Several of them, every week, either explicitly state shame about voting for him or they are upset with his conduct. With so many regrets pouring in, it is becoming hard to keep up. Some supporters are outraged by his response to Puerto Rico @realDonaldTrump I […]