Paul Ryan has always been a coward

Paul Ryan should resign.

It is alleged that will resign at the end of the 2018 election. After he destroys the country he will walk away from the mess he helped create. It is not clear whether he will resign as Paul Ryan has been ambiguous about it, but I sure hope he does. He has shown cowardice in responding to the train wreck in the White House. He is trying to force policies and bills that are so unpopular that he might be the only one supporting them. He has been a devasting force in the GOP and his resignation will be accepted without any reservations. The only issue I see is that he has created a mess and wants to cowardly walk away from it. How do we hold him accountable? Read more about Ryan’s alleged retirement.

Paul Ryan: Results will ‘speak for themselves’ on tax plan

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that “the results are going to speak for themselves” regarding the Republican tax plan. “This is bigger than the Reagan ’86 tax reform, which is the year I got my driver’s license,” Mr.

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