Senate Republicans pass Tax Scam Bill

Republicans just passed a tax scam bill they don't even know what it says.

The Senate just passed a Tax Bill that they are not even sure what it says. The bill is 500 pages long and was passed in an expeditious fashion without allowing the public to review it or a full debate on the bill. As egregious as this conduct is, the fight has not ended with the passage in the Senate. The fight must take place now until the bill is actually killed in the next phase. You will hear several people say that this is a win for the Republican Party and Trump – nothing could be further from the truth. True success does not occur until the bill becomes a law. If the bill dies in the Committee then the passage in both Houses is meaningless. Read more below.

Senate passes the Republican tax cut scam that will pilfer the middle-class (VIDEO)

The Senate in a marathon session effected one of the most massive thefts on the middle-class and the poor. The tax cut scam is at least a $1.5 trillion transfer of wealth from the masses to a wealthy few. But we can still stymie it as it goes into the conference between the Senate and the…

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