TALK: Even Dem says Trump will be fired!

The Trump brand is toxic.

Donald Trump is on a collision course. His mania and recklessness will be his demise. This week a host of scandals make the longevity of his presidency seem unlikely.

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1 Comment on "TALK: Even Dem says Trump will be fired!"

  1. Ms. Tommie Collins | March 18, 2018 at 4:04 am | Reply

    Glad you’re back from Vermont!
    Here’s some VIP reminders for you:
    1. Parkland students’ #NeverAgain march in D.C. on March 24;plus another nationwide walkout to commenorate Columbine on April 20;
    3. Stormy set to ‘spill the beans” on 60 Mins on Sunday, March 25. However…
    4. Trump’s new former Gawker atty Charles Harder (& also he was former atty for Melania against Daily Mail) began representing D.J. Trump against Stormy Daniels on Fri 3/16 and is counter suing her for $20M for violation of NDA, etc. HOWEVER, Harder could be under pressure to settle w/ Stormy for millions w/n next 7 days to incentivise her to cancel her 60 Mins interview from airing on 3/25(?); and lastly …
    5. Stormy’s atty, Avenatti, said on Fri 3/16 (on MSNBC’s Morning Joe) that: (a) Six (6) more women (2 w/ NDAs) have contacted him re telling their stories about affairs w/ Trump (Avenatti is carefully vetting them); and (b) That Stormy has been physically threatened by Trump folks!
    Oh! One more tip, also heard on MSNBC/CNN last week that Melania’s prenup w/ Trump might require him to pay Melania for his infidelity(?) during their marriage! Wow! Whatta a messy MF Trump truly is! Avenatti is also shrewdly stressing on TV that courts (state/federal) will not allow sitting president to use the full weight of the presidency against an individual U.S. citizen(s)!!💣💣💣 Here come those “burning flames” from all directions!!! LOL Could be the #MeToo women take Trump down 1st leaving the Mueller Team to just cuff him!🛐🛐🛐

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