Talk: Injustice: Democrats Railroaded Senator Al Franken

Al Franken was denied due process and used as a pawn in the Democrats political theater.

This is a defense of Senator . Senator Al Franken has become the latest casualty of opportunists weaponizing the movement for political gain. Senator Franken was denied due process and forced to resign by the Senate without the input of the voters who elected him. He was politically railroaded, publicly, by his own party who didn’t show him the courtesy he deserved. Not all accusations are equal. Now may win while Franken will be gone. The injustice perpetrated by the Democrats wasn’t moral superiority, it was political cowardice and opportunism. Senator Franken should not resign and be afforded the due process he deserves. The Democrats do not have the right to summarily make the decision about his political future. What they did was wrong and unforgivable.


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