TALK: Trump’s Trumptanic is sinking quickly

Trump might as well resign. Nothing is working out for him. His base is fleeing, Mueller is closing in, and impeachment seems more likely.

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1 Comment on "TALK: Trump’s Trumptanic is sinking quickly"

  1. Take the latest example: President Trump placing a phone call to Vladimir Putin to congratulate him, while saying nothing about his attempted assassination of a man and his daughter on British soil. These people know that’s the wrong thing to do. How do we know that Trump was warned in his briefing materials in all-capital letters stating DO NOT CONGRATULATE in fact how do we even know what he said? Isn”t it leaks? You have to consider that the leakers maybe even set him up that they normally wouldn”t even have recommended that Trump depart from protocol by not congratulating Putin on his “victory. This probably contradicted other advice he got (which wasn”t leaked) I think they made it look like Trump generated the alternative advice and people told him what he wanted to hear. Now there”s also soemthing else. Trump probably sees that as a human rights issue and I think he hates human rights crusades, (which is a bad thing) Trump also doesn”t like to be led around.

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