Trump and his enablers

Trump and his enablers

Trump is a fraud. He’s an unmitigated fraud. However, he’s not running this scam alone. He has several enablers who hide in plain sight. It’s not just the Republican Party that has the spinal cord of a goldfish, it’s also Democrats, it’s the mainstream media, it’s the newspapers, and those with power that are enabling him.

For example, look at how Trump controls the media. He announces that he will let the country know, during prime time, about who he will nominate to be on our Supreme Court. He builds up suspense over one of the most critical issues in a generation and makes the people that elected him wait until he’s ready to unveil this person. Instead of the media telling him to kindly go fuck himself that they won’t be shamelessly covering him this time, they instead talk about it all day, speculating and predicting nonsense.

In addition, to continue the shamelessness, they covered this revelation from the Dear Leader, LIVE! They played right into his hands and knew it. However, they don’t care, they’ve given up on journalism in the age of Trump and embraced pathetic capitulation or chase meaningless scandals in order to profit off of the most corrupt President in US history.

Then there are the Democrats who haven’t done ANYTHING to deter Trump even slightly. They are good at reporting on issues, some should resign and just report on the atrocities Trump is committing since we know they won’t actually do anything to stop him. Some are so conflicted and compromised that they don’t actually have a problem with Trump as President, but will pretend they do throughout Trump’s entire term if we let them.

I couldn’t end this article without calling out Republicans. While I feel they are so irredeemable that it’s not likely worth the energy. Nevertheless, I will say this, I’m still attempting to confirm how people can walk around the Capitol without a spinal cord. It definitely should be studied.

Trump can’t get away with his abhorrence if people in power actually did their jobs instead of feigning outrage while covering his every utterance. You can’t be writing books, giving paid speeches, creating programs about Trump that are solely for profit and then claim to be enraged – YOU ARE NOT! You are an enabler.

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