Trump continues to hemorrhaging support rapidly

Trump voters are fed up with Trump.

Trump supporters are running from him fast.

Trump continues to test the boundaries of his power and support. While he does have supporters left, those that just enjoy his erraticism, several are beginning to bail on him. Some are upset about the Executive Order on Obamacare. Others just cannot stomach his impulsivity and ineffectiveness. Some are upset about his stance on the NFL protests.  Many are upset about his anemic response to the crisis in Puerto Rico. The truth is that Trump simply does not have the support he believes he does. The media also pretends that his support is vast, but these tweets show that his support is dwindling. These aren’t even all the tweets, but these are samples of the exodus. Some of these people could be complete liars and plants, but we’ve done our best to weed out as many as we could. However, we cannot guarantee that all of these regrets are legitimate.

These supporters think he has been a disappointment, has to go, or ineffective.

These supporters are angry about the charade Executive Order on the ACA.

These supporters are enraged by his inept response to the crisis in Puerto Rico.

These supporters are tired of him trampling on the constitution or fighting the NFL.

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