Trump Even Makes His Supporters Nauseous

Republicans cannot govern and Democrats cannot fight.

Trump Even Makes His Supporters Nauseous

Donald Trump is losing his base rapidly.  He has angered a great portion of his base, insulted Republicans, then goes golfing as if he does not have a concern in the world.  However, that strategy is not a winning strategy.  He is losing his base so rapidly by either disrespecting their intelligence, breaking promises, changing positions, unraveling in public, or spewing consistent lies.  He has always been a recipe for disaster.  However, his antics may actually be good for the rest of us, as he is furthering the divide amongst his base which is making him less popular and tolerable over time. His waning popularity makes him much more impeachable or it encourages the invocation of the 25th Amendment.

Below are the past weeks regrets, frustration, or anger from Trump supporters.

Here are those who are upset that they voted for him

These supporters disagree with him and are losing patience with him

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