Trump fires Omarosa making White House less diverse

Omarosa was fired from er white house job.

As you will not hear one tear be shed by me over the fate of , I do find it curious that has made an already minority-anemic administration less diverse.  Omarosa decided to support the most bigoted President in modern history; however, her presence created the belief that Trump could not be racist because at least he hired a black woman.  Well, that black woman was fired and now the abysmal amount of minorities got even more abysmal.  Omarosa is a casualty of her own ambition and has done much more to hurt black people than she has done to help us.  Therefore, I do not intend to show sympathy to her, but sympathy to a country that has failed to capitalize on its’ biggest strength: diversity!

Omarosa’s Exit Makes the White House Even Less Diverse

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dodged a question about how many black senior staffers work under President on Thursday, insisting that “we have a really diverse team across the board at the White House.”

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