Trump might be dumb enough to fire Mueller

Trump is allegedly preparing to fire Mueller.

There are rumors that Trump might be prepared to remove Mueller as Special Counsel. The problem is that Trump cannot remove Mueller without Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Trump would either have to persuade Rosenstein to fire Mueller or fire Rosenstein. If he does that he will likely try to get Rosenstein replacement to fire Mueller. However, it would be politically suicidal for him to do that. It would resemble the Saturday Night Massacre when Nixon was in office. He will force Congress to have to act. Also, Trump will not be insulated from consequences as New York State can still come after his son and Jared for state crimes which Trump cannot pardon them for. Read More Below.

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Rep.: Trump Could Fire Mueller Next Week

Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Spier said Friday the “rumor on the Hill” is that President Donald Trump intends to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller next week when Congress is gone for the holidays.


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