Trump is running from Mueller

Trump is not likely going to meet with Mueller.

There was speculation that Trump would likely be interviewed by Mueller. I found that, as an attorney, completely implausible. I could not imagine how his attorneys could be so reckless and allow the most unhinged and dishonest person alive to be interviewed by one of the best lawyers out there. Now, it is being reported that Trump is claiming that the meeting is unlikely which means he’s “damn sure not meeting with Mueller”. Trump is under investigation, he has the right to remain silent and exercise his fifth amendment privilege. However, he had previously stated that he was willing to meet with the investigators because this whole thing was a witch hunt. Hmmmm… Read More below.

Trump says interview with Russia investigator ‘unlikely’

President Donald Trump on Wednesday appeared to back off a commitment to meet investigators looking into Russia’s role in the 2016 US election, saying an interview was “unlikely” to take place. Asked whether he would be willing to meet special counsel Robert Mueller, Trump deflected the question by repeatedly denying that investigators had found any evidence‚Ķ

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