Trump Supporters Know Trump is a Disaster

Trump voters keep walking away.

Donald Trump is the worst President in Modern History and the worst President in the history of the world.  He is incompetent, dishonest, erratic, abusive, bigoted, flippant, and an utter embarrassment.  Many of his supporters are so fed up with him that they are constantly expressing their outrage. Below are some recent Trump Regrets.

People claiming to be ashamed that they voted for Trump over Hillary or just ashamed they voted for him.

Some think the tax plan is utter trash.

Other supporters feel exhausted defending him.

Some are just angry about incoherent things.

Others are angry about his constant Pocahontas slur against Elizabeth Warren.

Others simply hate the tweeting.

Others feel let down by the broken promises.

Some are angry about the Roy Moore support.

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