Trump wants you to know he obstructed justice

Trump just admitted to obstruction of justice.

It is evident that Trump does not have the requisite aptitude to be President. He further does not have the impulse control to refrain from admitting to a crime. However, Trump recently tweeted that he fired Michael Flynn because Michael Flynn had lied to Mike Pence and the FBI. While Trump is having difficulty maintaining his constant lies, this statement was astonishing. If Trump fired Flynn because he knew Flynn had lied to the FBI, then why did he ask the Director of the FBI, , to stop the investigation of Michael Flynn? That sounds like Obstruction of Justice. Read more below.

Trump Admits He Obstructed Justice In This Tweet

For someone who gets away with so much, this seems like a really stupid thing to say: On Saturday, Trump defended his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, following news that Flynn had pled guilty to one count of making false statements to investigators during an interview in January about his contacts with Russian ambassador Sergei…

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