Trump’s con is running out of steam

Trump is in panic mode.

What most con men know is that you are better off operating under the radar. Furthermore, every con is unsustainable. Eventually a person runs out of options once they are required to deliver. Or, some unforeseen event happens that illuminates the con. Trump decided to take his con to the world. Which is proving catastrophic for him.

I firmly believe that Trump’s presidency is, and always will be, a farce. He was elected President because he deceived people and promised them this utopia and a fantasy. He used division and authoritarian tactics to persuade people that he would fight for them and he “alone” can fix it. He railed against the establishment, the swamp, and both parties. He promised massive prosperity, Jobs, infrastructure investments, a border wall to secure the borders, so much winning to the point of exhaustion. People bought in because it was a deviation from politics as usual. Some supported him based on his bigotry, numerous phobias, and misogyny; however, many supported him based on the “why not” theory.

The “why not” theory essentially is the belief that it couldn’t be worse than it is, so it’s better to try someone or something new or the belief there is nothing to lose by trying something new. Even some Democrats voted for him after feeling disillusioned by the Democratic Party after the Democrats primary in 2016. People believed he was going to fight the swamp and “never let [his base] down”. Nevertheless, he has betrayed them over and over again and now he’s running out of options.

The problem with the type of con Trump ran is that people actually bought in and expected results. Which means he was supposed to cut wasteful spending, but he’s too lazy to engage in the legislative process so he signed the Omnibus bill, which embodies wasteful spending. He was supposed to build a wall on the Southern border, but, again, he’s too lazy to engage in the legislative process and too disinterested in the work it will take to get the wall built. That signature promise has turned out to be a nightmare for Trump as he’s failed to fulfill it and is causing an exodus of his base.

Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare with something better. He swore that everyone would be covered. He made people think he was sincere. The bills that were put forth don’t even come close to fulfilling any of his promises and none of them were passed. He promised to revamp our crumbling infrastructure and has had about 52 different weeks that were infrastructure week and none of them were meaningful or showed results.

What he didn’t focus on as a primary campaign promise was cutting corporate taxes. He forced chants of “build that wall” and “Mexico” will pay for the wall. But now he signs a bill that forbids him from building a wall, but does allow fence fixing and patching up.

With so many broken promises and an anxious base, Trump is running out of meaningless tweets and insecure insults to deflect from his broken promises. They are no longer content with just his tweets without action. They don’t listen anymore when he screams things like “NO MORE DACA DEALS”, they’ve watched him waiver on DACA numerous times. The rhetoric used to work when they thought he was actually going to deliver, but now that he hasn’t they aren’t persuaded.

The bottom line is that the con is up. If Trump doesn’t deliver soon, his impeachment is much more probable as his base won’t fight to save him.

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