Trump’s newest con is potential war with North Korea

Trump Presidency is in shambles. He is trying to deflect from the Russia scandal.

Trump is using the crisis in North Korea to deflect from the Russia scandal.

The Trump administration, war hawks like Lindsey Graham and the thirsty Mainstream News Media, are intentionally spinning the “crisis” in North Korea to push for a fake war. We are being told that North Korea has the capability of launching an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the United States. However, depending on who you are talking to or which day of the year it is, we have been told that North Korea has at least 4-10 years before they had the ability to strike the United States.

In an article in Reuters in 2016, Reuters argued the following:

Having the credible ability to do all of that and get the missiles to sea could take well over a decade, perhaps considerably more. Once it happens, however, it will be a strategic game changer. At worst, U.S. cities on the West Coast would have to deal with the prospect, however remote, that they might be struck by a North Korean atomic weapon.

Time Magazine, in March 2017, states the following:

Experts posit that North Korea is four to five years away from developing a nuclear-armed ballistic missile capable of decimating an American city.

Subsequently, eight months later, the same Time Magazine said something entirely different.

After 2 ½ months of relative peace, North Korea launched its most powerful weapon yet early Wednesday, claiming a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile that some observers believe could put Washington and the entire eastern U.S. seaboard within range.

Even the Daily Beast is now stating that “North Korea Tests Missile That Could Hit Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s convenient North Korea narrative

The miraculous expediting of this North Korea program from 4-10 years which was now completed within 8 months, is truly unprecedented. With Trump’s catastrophic presidency and never-ending Russia investigation, there is no better distraction for Trump than a war. A war, like the failed Iraq war, helped deflect from a failing Presidency. A spark the imposter in the White House desperately needs. However, a war with North Korea will have devastating consequences that could lead to millions and millions of deaths.

Trump has repeatedly tainted North Korea, publicly condemned them in front of other countries, insulted Kim Jong-Un and stated that North Korea would be annihilated. Now that his Presidency is in utter shambles, his entire campaign is under investigation for colluding with Russia, he and the thirsty media are trying to convince us that North Korea has essentially, “weapons of mass destruction”. None of this is credible and we should be more discerning. How did North Korea expedite their program just in time to deflect from a Russia investigation that is bearing fruit. Where is the proof that a North Korea missile can reach the United States when none of the tested missiles have ever come close?  Why would North Korea recklessly attack the United States knowing that it could lead to the annihilation of their entire country?

The harsh reality is that North Korea simply isn’t a threat to the continental United States.  They are a perfect distraction for an utterly dishonest, probably criminal and unequivocally unqualified President. A war with North Korea will be catastrophic and lives of fellow human beings shouldn’t be used as pawns in a sick game Trump is playing.

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