Trump’s Shithole comments have pissed everyone off

Trump gets condemnation globally for shithole comments.

Trump had the audacity to say that Africa, Haiti and another Country (Hispanic) were shitholes. This singular comment has led to condemnation from all over the world. Not that someone as inept as Trump can comprehend when he has messed up royally, however, he has and this time even African nations are publicly condemning him. His utter ignorance has catastrophic consequences and we must not allow his erraticism continue to gain the ire of the world. His shithole comments show how utterly incompetent he is and how utterly preposterous it is that he is President. Read more below about African nations condemning Trump.

Trump Must Apologize, African Countries Say

The African Union and its mission in Washington, D.C. said Friday it was “frankly alarmed” and shared its “shock, dismay and outrage” following President Donald Trump’s remarks on immigration from El Salvador, Haiti and the African continent, a group he called “shithole countries.”

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